Jouets Series
The Jouets Series on the list

During a very short period in the 1970s the Jouets (toy) Series had been produced. By a reduction of the productionefford by minimizing the number of the parts and their quality it had been tried to be succesful in the market with lowered prices. But it seems that these effords did no more succeed. Other way round, it is told that a big part of this production has been destroyed already in the factory because of the traders did no more accept this series.

The Jouets models had been availeble only in two sets with freight trains. One had been equiped with the simplyfied 030 TU known from other sets. The other with the simplyfied BB 8144 but in blue livery, without headlights and adhession-rings on the drivingwheels.

The bodies of the cars are not painted but consist of shining colored plastic and do not have any inscriptions. The axles also consist of plastic and are different to those of the regular production. The car have no ballast inside.

Detailphotos will follow

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I am still looking for photos of the two sets of the Jouets Series.
In addition, no printware of this series seems to be known.